Care and Maintenance of Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are expensive yet so beautiful. Anyone who owns a wool area rug probably invested a lot of money into owning one of these beautiful treasures. Such an investment should be properly cared for. Wool rugs are not cleaned and maintained like traditional area rugs. The wrong methods can permanently ruin a wool rug and cost you tons of money.

Daily Maintenance

Maintaining your wool rug daily is essential to the overall care of the rug. Vacuum the rug regularly with a suction-only vacuum to prevent dirt from wearing down the pile of the rug. If you use a brush attachment of the vacuum you will damage the fibers of the rug causing it to wear down much faster. If a spill happens – which they most likely will – blot the area immediately with a clean, white towel. Never wipe a stain as this will spread it, always blot the area. Wool rugs are not a good choice for homes with heavy foot traffic, but no matter the amount of walking that takes place on the rug, you should rotate the rug clockwise every season to create an even wear pattern. Lastly, at the start of every season, hire a professional to perform a deep cleaning of the rug. This ensures that any set-in stains are removed and all dirt and allergens are taken out from the rug. Although you need to ask a number of questions when hiring the perfect professional for the job.

How to Properly Store a Wool Rug

If you must place your wool rug in storage, it is recommended that you have it professionally cleaned prior to storage. This ensures no dirt or debris is left on the rug which can create bacteria and odors. Roll the rug and place in a plastic package designed for area rug storage. Store the rug in a climate controlled unit with zero humidity to prevent moisture buildup from causing mold and mildew to grow on the rug. Lastly, keep moths at bay by placing mothballs or cedar chips inside the rug. Moths and other pests can damage the rug while in storage causing irreparable damage to the rug.

Properly Dry Wet Rugs

Every so often, a rug gets wet. It is essential that you dry a wool rug as quickly as possible. Never use a hair dryer to dry a wool area rug as the heat can damage the fibers of the rug. Hang the wet rug over the clothes drying rack, railing to stairs, porch banister or breezeway. Never hang the rug over a single clothesline as this will distort the shape of the rug. Suspend so that the rug can dry from all sides which will help it dry much faster.

Wool rugs are a beautiful, timeless addition to any home but can be hard to maintain depending on the kind of traffic the rug encounters. Don’t waste your time with cheap cleaners that will cost you time and lots of money. Always contact a wool rug professional cleaner when heavy spills or stains happen. Never use harsh chemicals on a wool rug, though when in doubt, call a professional for advice. Protect your investment and the gorgeous treasure that you adore in your home.