How to Properly Remove Stains from Carpet and Rugs

Whether your carpet is brand new or has been in your home for several years, you are bound to end up with carpet stains. Knowing how to properly get rid of those stains could save you thousands of dollars in damages to your carpet and rugs. Not treating a stain properly could make the stain worse causing the stain to set into the point it can never be removed. Each stain should be treated differently depending on what type of stain it is.

Ink or Dye Stains

Ink is a carpet’s worst enemy as it can literally ruin a carpet or rug. The first step to properly removing ink from a carpet or rug is to dampen a clean white cloth with Isopropyl alcohol (the higher the percentage of the active ingredient, the better it will work), and then proceed by dabbing the wet cloth on the ink-stained carpet. Don’t rub the carpet, but instead dab or pat gently to avoid smearing the ink. Keep using the Isopropyl alcohol until the stain is removed. Nail polish remover and hairspray are other good products to use on ink.

For dyes, such that are in drinks such as Kool-Aid or other artificially flavored beverages, dab the area with a dry towel, then soak the area with a mixture of vinegar and dish soap. Let the mixture soak on the spill for five to ten minutes then dab it with a dry with a towel.

Removing Pet Stains

Anyone with pets knows that accidents happen. Pets on carpets can sometimes be a bad combination. Especially if the pets are still house training. Pet stains are actually one of the easiest stains to treat. They seem daunting at first because of the mess and odor, but chances are you have the ingredients clean up right in your kitchen. First, you want to clean up the initial mess. Liquid messes can be soaked up with a towel. Next, mix up some white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the area until saturated. Place a clean white towel on the area and dab until mostly dry. Vinegar helps neutralize the odors. If there is a small stain, a mixture of stain-fighting laundry detergent and water in a spray bottle is a gentle way to remove any stains as well.

Getting Blood out of Carpet

Let’s be real, you don’t have to murder someone to end up with blood on your carpets. Kids get cuts, booboos and bloody noses all the time so a drop of blood is bound to end up on carpets at some point. Small areas of blood are easy to clean up. Heat will set in any stain, especially blood so never use hot water to clean it up. Place a towel under the rug and pour some cold water through the stain. If the blood has dried, using products such as dish soap might be necessary. If the stain is on the carpet, don’t pour water on it because it will increase the chances of mold growing under the carpet. Instead, spray mixtures of dish soap and water on the area and dab it with a towel. It will take some persistence and repeated steps but the stain will be removed.

Don’t let a carpet stain ruin your day. There are literally thousands of ways you can get any stain out of any carpet. Although these are the typical stain removal methods, some stains may require a professional touch. The material the carpet is made of can also affect how you treat the stain. Remember, heat is your worst enemy when it comes to treating any kind of carpet stain as it will make the stain harder to remove. Don’t be afraid to call and ask for help. After all, carpets and rugs are very expensive, so you want to do everything in your power to protect your investment. When in doubt, call a professional.